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CAS Environmental Services has over 17 years experience and is your local, independent pest control business, provides pest control,
pest management, pest prevention and protection for homes, commercial and industrial premises, food and catering businesses including pubs, restaurants, hotels etc in Liverpool, Southport, Wirral and surrounding areas.

Integrated Pest Management
CAS Environmental Services promotes Integrated Pest Management, a control strategy that uses all available information to provide an efficient, effective long term solution to pest problems. It includes accurate identification of the pest, knowledge of the pest's behaviour, a full survey and inspection, housekeeping and hygiene, habitat/environment management, building and site maintenance, stock control, hygiene schedules, customer training, accurate record keeping, non-chemical control and when necessary the application of the least hazardous pesticides. And finally, assessment of post treatment actions.

Environmental Policy
CAS Environmental Services specialises in the provision of pest control services to the food and allied industries, commercial and domestic properties. CAS Environmental Services are competent, working in accordance with relevant legislation and industry codes of practise, to deliver these services. We recognise that the delivery of these services may impact on the environment and accordingly takes all reasonable steps to minimise the harmful effects of these activities and to prevent the risk of pollution.

Health and Safety
CAS Environmental Services acknowledges and accepts it's legal responsibilities for securing the health, safety and welfare of its employees, customers and other who may be affected by its activities. CAS Environmental Services will provide and maintain safe plant and equipment, provide safe systems of work, provide for the safe storage, handling, use and transport of all materials, provide a safe working environment and provide sufficient information when required.

What Other service’s CAS Offer?
CAS Environmental Services is keen to expand on the types of work we undertake, and as well as being able to offer the services above, we would like to take on a much more varied range of services including :

•Garden Landscaping & Maintenance inc Knotweed Removal
•Building/Groundworks ...... Please view "other services" for a full listing.

The company strives to offer an excellent and friendly service to our clients. CAS Environmental Services is confident that we can meet all your needs and requirements. The company are a member of Knowsley’s Chamber of Commerce and has recently been awarded works via Help the Aged across the Merseyside area and are also registered with Knowsley TASK.

Cas Environmental Services, 137 Radway Road, Huyton, Liverpool, L36 8HG   T: 07773 782 060 E:

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